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*Episode Disclaimer* Please note that this episode features sensitive topics such as rape and trauma.

Trauma is not a topic typically seen in entry-level certifications for health & fitness professionals but is an underlying issue that can impede the work you are trying to perform. In this episode of the KIPS Podcast, guest Angie Nyx shares her work with trauma, PTSD, and military personnel, and how health & fitness professionals can take steps to guide their clients towards overall wellness. Trauma can be an underlying stressor that health & fitness professionals do not understand how to address, and in this episode, Angie shares ways that you can continue the conversation or guide the client to a professional that deals with the issue at hand.

One of the unique parts of this episode is when Angie shares the importance of recovery with clients that suffer from trauma. Clients living with trauma will be in a heightened state and unable to fully recover from mental and physical stressors. Thus, working with your client on how to gain data about how their body is currently feeling and steps to improve recovery can be a huge step forward in their health. Angie shares how our society is largely focused on pushing through pain and stressing the body to its limits, but actively recovering can help our bodies work more efficiently and safer. 

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Topics Discussed in This Episode

  • Client’s living with PTSD.
  • Tips for addressing trauma.
  • Personal training clients in the military.

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