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As you start building a YouTube channel and your subscribers start coming in, how do you expand beyond the videos you’re releasing? Do you look at selling affiliate products? Are you starting to sell merchandise? These are all questions health & fitness professionals ask themselves when they are looking at expanding their business on YouTube. In episode 78 of the KIPS Podcast, we have returning guest Jason Cohen of Kaleigh Cohen Fitness on YouTube. Jason is the full-time producer of both their channels which features weekly pre-recorded and live-streaming workouts. The main channel, Kaleigh Cohen Cycling has just under 200k subscribers and Kaleigh Cohen Strength is just above 22k subscribers.

Jason shares his backstory with getting to his producer role with both YouTube channels and then expands on how he keeps a creative mindset when releasing new content. Being creative with new workouts and new themes is a constant struggle for all health & fitness professionals, and where Jason looks for creative inspiration may surprise you. If you’re in the YouTube space, you know that finding motivation for new content and getting ideas can be as easy as looking in other industries or other quality channels. Jason breakdown how he uses the trending tab to expand their channels and develop ways to utilize the YouTube algorithm.

Topics Discussed in This Episode

  • Finding inspiration for new themed workouts.
  • Common myths about starting a YouTube channel.
  • Not being complacent with your online workouts.

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