In this tutorial we build a budget friendly studio light that online fitness coaches can utilize. One of the common mistakes that many online or new coaches make is using lights that are made for close up photography or video. For this tutorial we will utilize a LED replacement light bulb and piece together the other items. The complete lighting package in this set up will cost a fraction of a full studio lighting package but pack more punch in the lumens and Watts department. Using 2-3 of these in your streaming set up can create a professional online workout that your members can appreciate and see value in.

Equipment (Please note these are affiliate links)
Bonlux 40W LED Studio Bulb (out of stock 12/24) – CLICK HERE.
Photography Lamp Holder
Slow Dolphin – CLICK HERE.
Fancierstudio – CLICK HERE.
Limostudio – CLICK HERE. 
Amazon Basics Aluminum Light Tripod Stand – CLICK HERE. 
Photography Umbrella – CLICK HERE.