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  • Learn how to build a WordPress website.
  • Discover the components of making a website go live.
  • Establish a foundation for a website to excel in local SEO


Building a website in 2024 is much easier than you think and can be cost-efficient for health and fitness instructors wanting to develop their brand. Tyler Valencia will build a one-page WordPress website for health, wellness, or fitness professionals in this step-by-step tutorial. This website will allow customers to purchase sessions using the merchant processor Stripe. The health & fitness industry is growing, and individual brand-building has become more critical than ever. Consumers want to know more about the individuals they are investing their hard-earned money with, and having a website can showcase your services and help usher them to more services you offer.

While this tutorial is just a one-page site that will include payment options, a bio, and a contact form, individuals following this tutorial will develop skills to add more pages and content. WordPress is a powerful website option for individuals looking to build their brand or for their business. One of the biggest benefits of using a WordPress website is local SEO for small businesses. With most other website builders, there isn’t as much control over adding details to help a small business grow. Using a WordPress website opens up a variety of options, and there are thousands of existing videos on YouTube from individuals putting out free step-by-step tutorials.

Tyler won’t swap out all of the filler text associated with the template being used for this tutorial, but the remaining steps to make your website live are minimal. Taking the time to swap in professional-looking images of yourself in action can be a great addition to the website we will build, and those skills will be uncovered and used many times in this tutorial.

Enjoy following this guide to build a one-page website, which will help you save money while growing your brand!

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