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Growing within the fitness industry is a process. Things like education and experience can help improve the process, but ultimately there is a process that each fitness professional goes through. The way the fitness industry has evolved over the last few years has brought some new resources for fitness professionals but also showed how the industry continues to stay stagnant in some areas. In this episode of the Best of the KIPS Podcast September 2022, host Tyler Valencia, PhD(c) discusses the two pieces of content released in the previous month and how they both impact the industry.

In the one podcast episode, guest Emily Stewart shares how she advocated to move the fitness industry towards unionization and shares information about the survey she has procured to help gather more information for this young industry. While Emily admits that the fitness industry isn’t ready for unionization, she discusses how her survey can help gather more information and move the needle towards more favorable work environments for fitness professionals. Any fitness instructor that listens to this episode can likely empathize with the stories shared regarding working environments and contribute their own experience in the same area. The survey that Emily discusses has areas to provide feedback for these situations and hopefully all listeners will be compelled to spend 30 minutes to complete the survey.

There are many videos on YouTube on how to get monetized and the “secrets” to growing your channel, but not many focus on just the fundamentals for fitness professionals. The uniqueness of our industry slightly varies how we approach YouTube, but at the same time it comes back to the biggest one… making quality content. In this video, Tyler shares insight from his YouTube journey over the last year. Tyler is also the owner of Time 2 Train Fitness which has met both requirements to be monetized on YouTube.

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