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An important character trait for a fitness professional to develop is empathy. It’s important that a fitness instructor understand that exercise is NOT an enjoyable act for the overwhelming majority of humans and often getting to the point to exercise a feat in itself. Developing this trait and figuring out ways to connect with a client can elevate a fitness instructor into another earning potential. In the October roundup episode of the KIPS Podcast, host Tyler Valencia starts by discussing this reality and how making drastic claims as a fitness instructor can be detrimental to someone just beginning to exercise. This episode of the KIPS Podcast features two summaries from the KIPS Podcast, one on licensure and the other on developing a social media strategy.

The first podcast episode released in October was an interesting topic for fitness professionals on licensure. Will the fitness industry ever go towards a national license in the United States? This is a topic that can affect many different populations, and has positives and negatives for all those involved. One of the main talking points discussed in this episode is whether fitness instruction will improve. Depending on your educational background, experience, and current career, your viewpoint on this subject will vary. It’s important to keep in mind that any steps towards licensure can impact those already working in the fitness industry that don’t meet the new requirements. Tyler discusses licensure from the perspective of individuals, fitness instructors, education providers, and gyms.

Building a social media strategy is a business tool that can help you save time, stay consistent, and attract new clients as a health & fitness professional. Having a strategy means you’re creating content for a reason, and not spending time on a daily basis to create new content. Once you have started to utilize a strategy, this will lead to venturing into more advanced strategies and open up more marketing avenues. Tyler shares the importance of using a social media strategy and provides examples on how he creates a 7-day content schedule.

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