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Going into a new year, as health & fitness professionals we have hopes of building our business, growing our client base, or consistently improving our online presence. But as life creeps in, those goals sometimes take a backseat. Sometimes that’s because we don’t know the next step for continuing to build our career. One tool to really consider is YouTube. It’s not just a platform for posting videos, but can be a useful resource for helping you market your health & fitness business. Not to mention, it’s the second largest search engine in the world.

In this roundup podcast episode, Tyler starts by sharing the benefits of YouTube, then shares the top listening cities of November, and then provides a summary of the one podcast episode released in November. The episode released in November focused on work statuses for health & fitness professionals. If you know your options, you can hopefully turn your passion of helping individuals improve their health into a long-term career working as a personal trainer or group fitness instructor.

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