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The month of May was slow with content being published for KIPS but not for a good reason. At the moment we are putting the finishing touches on a new course, Social Media for Fitness Professionals. This online course will teach the fundamentals of the major social media platforms and show you how to create items like: a business page, private group, Instagram account, a logo, and more! In the month of May there were two discussion episodes of the KIPS Podcast released. The discussion episodes are solo episodes with Tyler Valencia and focus on one topic. The first episode released was “Is Online a Good Route for First Time Instructors?” and the second was “Where To Start As An Online Instructor?”.

In previous years, many would have advised that you need an entry level certification and you need to apply to a certain number of gyms in order to get experience. What teaching online has shown us is that instructors can reach a global audience and still provide an effective workout. So can this be a route for newcomers and can they learn skills that help them become a well rounded instructor? In this segment, Tyler Valencia goes through this question and why he believes new fitness instructors can learn skills teaching online that many veteran instructors learn after years of working in the industry. Online workouts force instructors to be creative with their exercise breakdowns and even exercise selection. This translates well to instructors that choose to go back to teaching in-person and creates another avenue for entering the fitness

For fitness instructors looking to teach online, where do they start? There are a handful of options available on the market (and growing), and each has its positives and negatives. In this segment, Tyler Valencia shares three different options for fit pros to consider and how they can implement each. The first option Tyler discusses is the Private Facebook Group. This option is low cost and pretty easy to set up. The next option discussed in this episode is the Third Party Booking Site. Companies that offer an all-in-one solution have grown over the last two years and they create a very user-friendly option for fit pros that aren’t used to working on a website. The last option discussed is the DIY Membership Site. With this option you are assembling all the pieces to collect payment, protect your content, and designing the website.

If you work in the Washington D.C. Area, a great upcoming in-person conference is the DCAC FitCon. The weekend of August 5-6, owner Tyler Valencia will be presenting two lectures. Below is a link to the conference schedule and with code “VALENCIA” save $30 at checkout.


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