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In March 2022 we released less than the normal amount of content but at the same time made progress for the new online courses we are releasing this year. One of those courses is Social Media for Fitness Professionals, which is a course that teaches branding and the fundamentals of each major social media platform. Over the last few years, fitness instructors have seen the importance of marketing their training despite if they worked for a gym or as an independent instructor. Marketing your training through social media shows your professionalism, builds your value as an instructor, and helps create new leads for training. We hope that this course releases in the next few months and is a foundation for fitness instructors building their career.

One of the pieces of content that we released in March was a written blog on the differences between being an employee and contractor. There are many industry veterans that don’t know the difference between these distinctions and think that being a contractor is a negative. This is not so much the fault of the instructor, but a failure from an educational standpoint that instructors are not being equipped with basic employment knowledge. After reading this blog we hope that it helps you understand each distinction and can make a wise decision to help you grow your fitness career.

In the KIPS Podcast we had two great educators from the fitness industry. Our first guest from the month was Leslee Bender, 2020 IDEA Personal Trainer of the Year. Leslee has developed her own instructor training courses, is on the fitness conference circuit, has a piece of exercise equipment named after her (the Bender Ball), and is a three decade veteran of the industry. In the episode with Lesslee we jump into fitness education, core training and tips for instructors looking to get hired. The next guest in the KIPS Podcast was Vincent Metzo, Senior Fitness Director for Town Sports International. Vincent currently oversees the education for all new and existing fitness instructors, a job he started in the last two-years. In the episode with Vince we go over what it’s been like for gyms and instructors getting back to business. There were many fitness instructors that made more money than when they worked at a gym, and going back to work in a gym was not as appealing. Vince shares his insights into online workouts for gyms and how the member experience should hopefully improve.

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