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If you’re unsure of where to start with creating Reels for Instagram or Facebook, Instagram just made it easier to create content that trends. Like every other social media platform, Instagram and Facebook want people to spend more time on their platforms. Under the Reels tab, when creating content, you’ll find “template” options that showcase trending templates, original audio, and recommended options. As a health, wellness, or fitness professional, these templates can help you grow your accounts and save time. The best part is that your content will now be listed with all the other content using the same templates. Just film a few videos of you performing your routine and input them into the premade sections.

This roundup episode of the KIPS Podcast features clips from the podcast episodes featuring Kelly Favret and the discussion topic surrounding what fitness professionals should do after they become certified.

All of the links for the episodes discussed can be found below.

The episode with Kelly Favret – CLICK HERE.

What to do after you become certified? – CLICK HERE.

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