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Summer break for fit pros means time to work on self-development and try new formats to build your fitness business. This can include trying small group training or starting to teach group fitness. Every fit pro that already teaches group fitness knows the power of teaching a class and how much more exposure you get. When teaching a class you are in front of more members on a weekly basis and start to become the go-to contact when a member has a question about health. Use this to your advantage to network and become a valuable employee.

In the month of June we released two YouTube tutorials and one podcast episode.

The podcast episode featuring Joe Alvarado explores adding YouTube to your existing fitness offerings. Joe’s YouTube Channel, Joe Alvarado Indoor Cycling, is monetized and currently possess 1.74K subscribers. Joe is also a Studio Manager with Lifetime Fitness in Centennial, CO and a Stages Master Educator. Joe shares his ‘why’ behind starting a YouTube channel and some of the struggle’s individuals will face when starting out. An interesting segment of the podcast episode is when Joe shares how he blended his motivational side to his coaching side. Joe is a pastor at his church and realized that he wanted to use the personality he used more in that setting.

One of the hardest things when building a social media channel for your business is keeping on-brand. Staying on-brand is a necessary step these days that helps the consumer recognize your brand and creates a sense of security when it comes to making a sale. Using social media to build your business takes practice. Tools like Canva can help you create professional marketing materials that are on-brand and in the format you need for each social media platform. In this review, Tyler Valencia shares why he believes every fitness professional should be using Canva, and then goes through a demo to build a social media post for Instagram.

Online booking systems have multiplied over the last few years giving health & fitness professionals the freedom to grow their business. In this step-by-step tutorial, Tyler builds an online booking website for a fictitious in-person bootcamp but this example could be utilized for wellness coaches, online trainers, group fitness instructors or personal trainers. The great thing about using this tutorial is that sessions can be set for online or in-person classes or services. The booking system used in this step-by-step tutorial is StartBooking. Having tried a handful of premium WordPress Plugins prior to finding StartBooking, Tyler guides you through the set up of a booking system that can be easily set up and managed by any individual. Tyler starts this tutorial by sharing why he believes this is a valuable booking system and then shares what you’ll need to follow along.

If you work in the Washington D.C. Area, a great upcoming in-person conference is the DCAC FitCon. The weekend of August 5-6, owner Tyler Valencia will be presenting two lectures. Below is a link to the conference schedule and with code “VALENCIA” save $30 at checkout.


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