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In the month of July 2022, KIPS released two new episodes in the KIPS Podcast, and one YouTube review of Epidemic Sound. Our monthly “Best of” episode in the KIPS Podcast is a review of the previous month’s free content that was released to provide listeners with snippets and insight to each episode or tutorial. We kick off the Best of July 2022 with a Top 10 of the highest listening cities which features two Canadian cities!

The two podcast episodes that we released were from two very different fitness professionals but provide some great insight into their respective topics. Nik Aston is a strength & conditioning coach in Albuquerque, NM, and in his episode he shares his insight into teaching Olympic lifts. These complex movements are sometimes greeted with uncertainty but Nik provides some workarounds that can hopefully help the introduction phase. Our next guest from July was Aviana Garcia who is a Phoenix based fitness professional. Aviana recently moved from New Mexico to Phoenix and shares her mindset with making that type of transition. In the clip shared, Aviana discusses the changes with social media and how she has opened up about her own fitness journey.

Royalty free music is a must for fitness professionals wanting to grow their online workout business. In recent years, royalty free music has been looked down upon because of its lack of mainstream sounding options but options like Epidemic Sound have started to break that negative stigma. Epidemic Sound is a royalty free music option that fitness professionals can easily set up and provides thousands of song options that help fitness instructors build classes that sound amazing. In this review, Tyler Valencia shares why he believes Epidemic Sound should be every fitness instructor’s go to when looking to get a music subscription.

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