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When a client or potential client approaches you about content they saw on social media, how do you handle it? Do you immediately discount it, or do you address it in a manner that focuses on the client’s current goals. Social media fitness trends can have positive or negative side effects, and is a topic that we will continue to address as professionals in our field of work. In this roundup episode, host Tyler Valencia, PhD(c) starts by sharing his perspective when responding to clients that have seen non-evidence based content on social media and wonder if it is beneficial for their health. There are many ways to approach this situation, but the one that Tyler outlines involves using your education and experience to address it and bring the conversation back to the client’s current goals.

This Best of February 2023 episode of the KIPS podcast features summaries of the episodes with Sean Sewell and Matt Berenc, as well as the top listening cities of February.

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