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We kept the ball rolling in February with the free content we released, and had four podcast episodes and four YouTube tutorials published. Since last year, many fitness professionals have been suggesting how the virtual workout space isn’t going anywhere and to kick off 2022 that is more true than ever. The content KIPS released this past month dives more into the online workout realm and provides actionable tips that instructors can take and apply with their business.

The four YouTube tutorials we released were Using an Audio Interface for Online Workouts, Level-Up Cow-Cat, 5 Tips for Shooting a Headshot with Your Smartphone, and the Balance Online Platform. For the KIPS Podcast we had guests Kristi Taylor, Jason Cohen, Brooke Johnson and Robyn Parets. The links for these tutorials and podcast episodes can be found below.

If you’re a fitness professional in Seattle, check out the information on the upcoming PNW FitCon. Below is a link to the conference schedule and with code “VALENCIA” save $30 at checkout.


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Using an Audio Interface for Online Workouts – CLICK HERE.

Level-Up Cow-Cat – CLICK HERE. 

5 Tips for Shooting a Headshot with Your Smartphone – CLICK HERE.

Balance Online Platform – CLICK HERE. 

Episode with Kristi Taylor – CLICK HERE.

Episode with Jason Cohen – CLICK HERE.

Episode with Brooke Johnson – CLICK HERE.

Episode with Robyn Parets – CLICK HERE. 

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Check out the KIPS Virtual Training Resources – CLICK HERE.

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