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We kick off 2023 with a roundup episode in the KIPS Podcast that includes a new segment with Dr. Emily Splichal. Dr. Splichal is a podiatrist by trade but also a fitness entrepreneur that owns Naboso Technology (foot care) and EBFA (fitness education). She shares a foot care tip to kick off 2023 and some tips that you can share with your clients. This episode also features summaries of the two podcast episodes that were released in December 2022. 

One of the podcast episodes released in December was on the benefits of YouTube for fitness professionals. A mistake that health and fitness professionals assume is that you have fully invest yourself with YouTube. YouTube can be used at your own pace and can help you build a content development strategy to utilize on a weekly basis. Host Tyler Valencia, PhD(c) shares how you can use a method called YouTube Centered Digital Marketing that essentially gives you a starting point for creating content. This method can help you create content for your blog, newsletter, and social media channels. Working on these items can help you gain familiarity with YouTube which opens up more options in the future.

The second episode from the KIPS Podcast released in December was with Anthony Wall, MS. Anthony is the current Senior Director of Global Business Development at the American Council on Exercise (ACE), where he helps grow the education of ACE abroad through partnerships and conferences. During the episode with Anthony, he shares how he got to his current position and then dives deep into one of his favorite topics, small group training. 

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