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If you are searching for ideas on how to grow your fitness business or need a tutorial to help you, check out the KIPS Blog and YouTube channel. On there you will find 100% free reviews and tutorials made for fitness professionals. These range from making your own booking system, reviews of royalty free music sites, using a USB music interface, and others within the online workout realm. 

In the month of August there were two new episodes released in the KIPS Podcast. The first guest, Kate Finamore pulls from her 30+ years within the fitness industry and shares issues and experiences centered around instructor inequalities. These issues might stem from current pay wage, access to career growth, or even health benefits. In this episode, Kate discusses one of those topics, proper wages. She shares a story about how she was supposed to hire new instructors for a gym, despite the payment scale being the same as 15 years prior. This issue is one that instructors have become numb to due to the perception that asking for a better pay is selfish; but in truth, it is one that ensures you are creating a lasting career.

The second guest on the KIPS Podcast was fitness YouTuber Courtney Andersen. Courtney’s Channel currently has just over 17 thousand subscribers and provides viewers with kickboxing, HIIT, and strength training workouts. Creative freedom and building your own brand are two of the biggest reasons fitness professionals create online workouts for YouTube. Courtney shares her journey from teaching in-person to starting her own workout YouTube channel at the end of 2020.

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