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Host Tyler Valencia, Ph.D. (c), starts this episode by discussing whether adding affiliate marketing to your revenue streams can be profitable as a health, wellness, or fitness professional. Many individuals try selling supplements to their clients through an MLM company; some try clothing or fitness equipment. In Tyler’s opinion, whether you should add this revenue stream comes down to if you have the audience. If you have a strong audience through social media, there’s a high chance that you are creating quality content that keeps your audience engaging with each post. If you still need to build your audience, that will help you solve the dilemma of where to start with adding this potential revenue stream.

This Best Of episode in the KIPS Podcast features the content we’ve made over the last two months, April and May. The three podcasts released dive into trauma, social media, and fitness education. As always, there are also the top listening cities and information on submitting your topic for the KIPS Podcats.

All of the links for the episodes discussed can be found below.

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