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As 2022 continues to steam on, what are some ways you can build your fitness business? Every fitness professional knows that once the summer months come around, it’s fewer sessions with their clients or less participants in their group fitness classes. But these months can also be beneficial towards continuing your career within the fitness industry. During the slower months, this can be the time where you invest in your foundation such as education, marketing, or advertising. You can enroll in a new educational course or work on the latest social media trend. This type of work helps ensure that you continue your career as a fitness professional and ensure that slower months become less and less.

In the month of April, we released three podcast episodes and a tutorial on the best lavalier microphone for online workouts. The tutorial goes through the Rode Wireless Go and why this microphone should be one of your first investments when you’re creating online workouts or even for your social media channels. Our three guests for the KIPS Podcast were Sarina Jain, Mary Kennedy, and Michelle Lasiter.

Sarina is a three decade industry veteran that has built a global brand, which includes her instructor training, Malasa Bhangra. In this episode, Sarina shares how she adapted her training as the fitness industry evolved all while keeping culture a part of the course. The segments where Sarina talks about culture and why she wanted to include Indian culture in her course are fascinating but also what makes it special. As fit pros we see a ton of formats that claim to be the “best” or be “new” but after watching you quickly see it’s pretty similar to a lot of other formats. Finding the elements that make your instructor training unique helps the course stand out. In the clip shared, Sarina shares why she condensed her two-day instructor to one-day and her thought process behind it.

Over the last two-years, individuals in the active aging community grew more comfortable with the use of Zoom. Zoom not only allowed individuals to connect online with friends and family across the globe, but also showed them that purchasing services over Zoom is a viable option. Mary Kennedy shares insight into training the active aging population through Zoom and how she deals with typical components of a training session such as the assessment. Mary also shares how she grows her online training business, which might surprise fitness instructors looking to gain clients in the active aging population. In the clip shared, Mary explains how she started to do assessments online.

As a fitness instructor progresses their career, they begin to see the importance of a work-life balance. Guest Michelle Lasiter shares how being a busy mom and instructing fitness classes differs from being a new instructor with an open schedule. Michelle shares how when she had her first child, her schedule flipped from teaching in the evenings to teaching in the early mornings and late morning. With non-traditional work hours for fitness instructors being a common occurrence, scheduling your days and times to instruct will also vary with the age of your kids. One of the areas that Michelle shares is the importance of nailing your try-out and interview when looking to get hired at a new gym. Michelle used to be a manager for a major gym franchise in Arizona and shares the perspective from the instructor and manager. A good piece of advice that Michelle shares is making sure you show your personality during your demonstration and be a professional. Even if you have limited availability, managers will hire quality instructors if they believe the instructor will bring value to their gym.

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