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Finding a reliable microphone is one of the key components of filming online workouts. At the same time, microphones can be a large investment for a fitness professional which is something that we are not used to. A solid microphone can put your mind at ease with the equipment you’re using and help you produce high quality content that makes your members see the value of your service. In this review, Tyler Valencia goes over the Rode Wireless Go and shares his insight into why this microphone should be your go to when creating content.

Rode is a reliable company that has been around since 1967 and is one that makes more than lavalier microphones. A common question that comes up is what about the knockoff versions that look like the Rode Wireless Go? The best response is that there is no way of knowing how long they will last. The cost might seem more palatable when compared to the Rode Wireless Go but ultimately you may find yourself having to invest in another lavalier style microphone. Investing in a Rode Wireless Go ensures you are getting a solid microphone from the start and the time you are spending recording is going towards quality sounding content.

Tyler starts this review by discussing Rode and why he ultimately found himself investing in a Rode Wireless Go. After sharing some of the specifications of the product, Tyler goes through a set up of using the Rode Wireless Go and how you can connect it to an audio interface. Using an audio interface is one of the ways you can create online workouts that have the music and microphone line on the same output.

Equipment Used for this Tutorial

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