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As a fitness instructor progresses their career within the industry, they begin to see the importance of a work-life balance. Adding in the elements of having kids and growing your family is an item that makes scheduling time to instruct more much intentional. In this episode of the KIPS Podcast, guest Michelle Lasiter shares how being a busy mom and instructing fitness classes differs from being a new instructor with an open schedule. Michelle shares how when she had her first child, her scheduled flipped from teaching in the evenings to teaching in the mornings and late morning. With non-traditional work hours for fitness instructors being a common occurrence, scheduling your days and times to instruct will also vary with the age of your kids.

One of the areas that Michelle shares is the importance of nailing your try-out and interview when looking to get hired at a new gym. Michelle used to be a manager for a major gym franchise in Arizona and shares the perspective from the instructor and manager. A good piece of advice that Michelle shares is making sure you show your personality during your demonstration and be a professional. Even if you have limited availability, managers will hire quality instructors if they believe the instructor will bring value to their gym. On top providing advice for the interview, Michelle shares how having additional formats under your belt can help increase your value to a gym. A caveat she provides is that it’s important that the format not be forced but rather be a format you are passionate about.

Michelle is a group fitness instructor teaching in Arizona and two lovely young kids. She is a master trainer for SoulFusion, where she helps provide content and support for new instructors entering the training. She holds a MS in Exercise & Wellness from Arizona State University and has taught a variety of group exercise formats throughout her time in the fitness industry.

Topics Discussed in This Episode

  • Advice for instructors when preparing for their interview and demo.
  • How to be more intentional with scheduling your group fitness classes as a mom.
  • Differences that arise when growing your family and instructing classes.

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