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In this episode:

  • Why is an affordable personal trainer certification beneficial for those starting in the fitness industry?
  • Developing interpersonal skills can help new personal trainers refine their selling style.
  • The importance of creating a weekly schedule outside the gym.

The sensation of completing your personal training certification is truly gratifying. Having invested in an education package, you have acquired a certification that opens doors to employment opportunities in the field of personal training. However, after six months of working at a gym, it becomes evident that the reality of being a personal trainer is more challenging than the enticing advertisements may have portrayed. In this episode of the KIPS Podcast, host Tyler Valencia, Ph.D.(c), outlines five aspects that a prospective personal trainer may not fully grasp before embarking on their career. These tips can hopefully help an entry-level fitness professional get a jump on building their client list and start generating a livable income.

Remember that although this podcast offers general insights, a thorough onboarding process at a gym is crucial for providing entry-level trainers with the necessary tools for success. Not every gym provides an onboarding system; thus, finding ways to get experience outside the gym can be valuable to developing a steady schedule within the fitness industry. In 2024, working with clients and getting experience does not necessarily mean inside the gym. Clients are more willing to exercise online, allowing entry-level instructors to expand their potential reach.

What are the aspects of the fitness industry that enticed you to seek out a personal trainer certification?

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