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One of the most important parts of running a fitness business is trusting the online resources you invest in. If your website, merchant processor, or messaging systems are hindering your growth, they are distracting you from tasks that help you grow in a positive manner. In this review, we go through the Balance Online Platform. Over the last two-years, platforms like Balance have been created for the fitness industry that allow fitness professionals to sell online workouts, accept payments and create an alternative to running a traditional website.

Owner Tyler Valencia, starts by going over five benefits of the Balance Platform and then goes into a demo of the user dashboard. One of the unique benefits of this platform is the ability to list your online and in-person classes. This feature bypasses the need to have a traditional website on top of an online workout site (assuming your website doesn’t have that capability).

The Balance Platform is one of the options available on the market and is a great tool for those not well reversed in website management. If you’re interested in signing up for an account, please use the link below.

Balance – CLICK HERE. 

Equipment Used for this Tutorial
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