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As 2023 starts to wind down, what resources are you utilizing to prep for one of the busiest times of the year in the health, wellness, & fitness industry? Preparing your training or business can set you up for a bump to start the new year and potentially set you up with new clients. In this episode of the KIPS Podcast, host Tyler Valencia gives a roundup of all the content released in August and September 2023. These last two months five podcast episodes were released and two YouTube-based tutorials. There was a more significant emphasis on the content related to YouTube and how this platform can help you establish your audience.

Every beginner YouTuber wonders if their content will be found on the platform and if their specialty area needs to be more niche. On the contrary, many niche channels thrive on YouTube because it is a global platform. You are no longer competing in the same local market, and viewers worldwide can tune in for the content you’re creating.

All of the links for the episodes discussed can be found below.

Episode with Jenn Tarrant – CLICK HERE. 

Episode with David Jack – CLICK HERE. 

Letting YouTube Find Your Audience – CLICK HERE. 

Top Five Tips for Fitness Instructors Starting on YouTube –  CLICK HERE. 

Creating Better Reels with Templates – CLICK HERE. 

Creating Your Own Branding Kit – CLICK HERE. 

Creating a Holiday Post in Canva – CLICK HERE. 

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