Apocalypse ViPR PRO Flow

The Apocalypse Flow was inspired by John Sinclair, Director of Programming of ViPR PRO. The concept that drives the value behind the ViPR is called Loaded Movement Training (LMT). It’s exactly what it sounds like… 3-dimensional dynamic movement and loaded. It’s a type of strength training that compliments a lot of the linear traditional type of training we do in the gym today.

This flow is easy to learn and fun to perform. There are five loaded movements that get you long and strong, and shifting mass for some great agile strength. With Chops, Uppercuts, Grab, Stabs, Slashes, and Blocks this flow will get you ready for the Apocalypse and surviving those zombie attacks.

Start with a 6 or 8 kg ViPR or ViPR PRO and make sure to practice each movement until you feel proficient and confident. Start slow when chunking the flow together. Start with the first two movements then add the third and so on. Make sure to initiate your movements with your hips and guide the momentum of the load. In other words “Don’t try to muscle it”

Movement 1 – Chop to Uppercut Step
Holding the ViPR PRO in the neutral position, reach down long across the side of one knee as you simultaneously squat. As you stand and step forward with the opposite foot, make an uppercut motion bringing the ViPR PRO to the shoulder and parallel to the floor. Return to the starting the position making a chopping motion down. Repeat on one side then practice on the other.

Movement 2 – Halo
This is a simple circling motion around your head, and if you’ve been following our series the Halo movement was covered in more detail back in the ViPR Halo Block Chop Flow.

Movement 3 – Grab and Stab
Loaded movement is based around shifting mass or load through gravity as opposed to lifting it directly up and down. As you step in a direction shift the ViPR PRO long with your arms either in a downward direction for the grab and in an upward direction for the stab. Again, to work on your strength go slow with control of your movement and the mass.

Movement 4 – Slash
Think of the ViPR PRO as a sword and make a slashing motion as you let your feet pivot and turn 90 degrees. I’ve included two ways to practice the motion. Start with the one side and then progress to the reciprocating motion. Be sure to hinge your hips as you step and slash down across the body

Movement 5 – Block
This is another movement covered in the ViPR Halo Block Chop Flow. This movement gets the VIPR up overhead and shifting it from side to side. Be sure to move with a rhythm and time your transitions of your reaches and steps together.

Put It Together
The flow is 5 movements and its organized like a pyramid. In other words you’ll do the movements on one side of your body and then repeat it on the other side to complete the flow. The pattern is as follows… Chop, Uppercut, Halo, Grab, Stab, Slash, Block, Block, then repeat on the other side starting with the chop on the opposite side of the body. Once you’ve learned the flow you can progress and utilize the flow in different ways….

The Power Challenge – Use a lighter load and move with speed

The Strength Challenge – Use a heavier load and move with a smooth rhythm

The MetCon Challenge – Use a moderate load and keep flowing for 2 minutes

The Tool Challenge – Using a tool of your choice like this example using a sledgehammer

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