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There were many fitness instructors who looked at the landscape of the fitness industry in 2020 and decided to give YouTube a try. Joe Alvarado is a fitness instructor based in Centennial, CO that during this time decided to take his knowledge with audio and video equipment and start a cycling-based YouTube channel. Joe’s YouTube Channel, Joe Alvarado Indoor Cycling, is monetized and currently possess 1.74K subscribers. At the moment, Joe is also a Studio Manager with Lifetime Fitness and a Stages Master Educator.

Joe starts this episode of the KIPS Podcast by sharing his ‘why’ behind starting a YouTube channel and some of the struggle’s individuals will face when starting out. Being a manager, Joe has worked with instructors that have never been in front of the camera and during this episode he shares a mindset that he feels can help fellow instructors focus on improving their own online instruction and not comparing against other instructors. Another interesting segment that Joe shares is his insight on royalty free music vs. mainstream music. Joe shares his experience with using royalty free music for an in-person class and how he is incorporating it more into his online workouts.

Check out Joe’s YouTube channel at the links below and make sure to give him a follow!

Topics Discussed in This Episode

  • Initial struggles of starting a YouTube Channel.
  • The realities of royalty free music.
  • Improving your mindset for teaching online.
  • Creating a balanced schedule for teaching online and in-person.

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