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In episode 77 of the KIPS Podcast, we had the pleasure of having guest Anthony Wall, MS. The current Senior Director of Global Business Development at the American Council on Exercise (ACE), Anthony helps grow the education of ACE abroad through partnerships and conferences. In this episode, Anthony starts by sharing how he got to his current position and discusses how ACE has evolved over the last five years with their education.  

One of Anthony’s favorite topics to share with fellow health & fitness professionals is small group training (SGT). He shares why he believes so much in SGT and how fitness instructors can make a meaningful impact on individuals needing help with their health. One of the key takeaways in this episode is how being genuine as a fitness professional can help you breakdown barriers with your clients and improve the quality of the experience everyone has when they train with you. Anthony discusses programming, approach, selling, and benefits of SGT, and gives fitness instructors the ‘why’ behind each of them.

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