Have you been thinking about giving it a go by yourself in the fitness industry? Starting an outdoor bootcamp is one of the businesses set to explode in 2022 and can be a high return option that helps you change your career. In episode 48 of the KIPS Personal Trainer Application Podcast, guest Jono Petrohilos shares his tips that helped him create one of the most popular bootcamps in Australia. Jono’s roadmap has helped him now develop a course that helps others build their business and develop a new career with his company Fitness Education Online. Jono is a podcast host, international speaker and educator. Throughout this podcast episode Jono gives tips that fitness professionals can apply right away and the logical reasoning behind these steps.

Topics Discussed in This Episode

  • Jono’s 4 tips to success for a bootcamp.
  • How to reinvest your revenue into your marketing. 
  • Strategies for organic pathways on social media.

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