In this video we go through all the benefits of streaming a virtual workout with an iPad Pro (4th Generation). As technology has advanced, a popular question has been should I buy a new laptop or should I get a tablet? The iPad Pro has the capability to stream and record high quality video that will keep your online members engaged and help you provide a professional service. Here are four reasons to consider:

1.Camera Quality
The iPad Pro features a 12 MP camera that is great for taking still images for social media. The video quality can go up to 4K at 24, 40 or 60 fps. Lastly, the autofocus with the iPad Pro is pretty solid for activity. It’s not the best but will provide a constant quality workout video.

2. Internal Specs (Ram, Storage, Cores & Processor)
Below are some of the internal specs for the iPad Pro. These features are pretty solid for a tablet and competitive with several of the laptops on the market. To have them part of a tablet that is easily transferable and can stream your workouts is a major benefit.
-128 GB to 1 TB
-A12Z Bionic chip
-8 core GPU
-6 GB Ram

3. Can be a workhorse for your business.
One of the major benefits of the iPad Pro is the ability to use it as the main computer to run your business. You can film and edit videos, return emails, and run your social media accounts.

4. Easy to set up with filming gear.
Lastly, the iPad Pro is much more convenient when setting up your streaming gear. Most mixers and interfaces require additional power to work properly, and the iPad Pro can technically power these devices without being plugged into it’s charger.

Equipment Mentioned
iPad Pro 12.9″ (4th generation) –
iPad Pro 11″ –