You’ve been filming your online workouts and now wondering how you take them to the next level? Improving your filming space can improve the overall look of your online workout but also build value with new and existing clients. When you work in a gym, building value is one of the key elements of growing your hours. At the gym, this is sometimes done by adding new services and/or times. With your online business, building a professional service includes what your background looks like in frame.

In this video, KIPS President, Tyler Valencia goes over three tips to creating your at-home virtual studio and the reasoning behind each. Tip number one is rather basic but starting with a neutral paint color can drastically improve the look of your background. Avoiding bright and distracting colors can make sure your members keep their focus solely on the workout. In tip number two, Tyler discusses why the space doesn’t need to be huge or require an expensive remodel. What’s in front of the camera is really what matters. The viewers don’t see the rest of the space that’s behind the camera, so focusing on what’s in-frame can help you pick a location. Lastly, using fake plants and decoration can help hide unwanted items in-frame. Fake plants can be found at a variety of locations and help you transform your filming space.

Equipment Used for this Tutorial
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