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When the general public thinks about professionalism within the fitness industry, they typically recall a stereotypical depiction from a comedy sketch or movie. We chuckle for those who work in the health & fitness industry because sometimes there’s some truth to it, but we know that a professional outward appearance is a portrayal we want to be known to the public. In this episode of the KIPS Podcast, host Tyler Valencia, Ph.D. (c), discusses three professionalism tips that come up during your time in the health & fitness industry and strategies for addressing them. These tips were given to him roughly 15 years ago and still hold some value.

This episode in the KIPS Podcast was sparked by a discussion topic posted in a worldwide fitness instructor Facebook group regarding whether it was okay to date your clients. This post had mixed reactions but a lot of engagement regarding whether this was a professional way to conduct yourself inside the industry. Like many of the tips presented in this podcast, thinking about what you want your reputation to be should help you make controversial decisions like this. The topics discussed throughout this episode have multiple answers, and the ones presented by Tyler are not the only ways to handle these situations.

Let’s hear your advice. How would you deal with any of these controversial topics?

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