Described as “the most experienced active indoor cycling instructor on the planet”, Mike Michels takes us on a 25 year journey of how his passion led to represent the biggest names in the history of the Indoor Cycling Phenomenon. Mike has been asked to speak at every major fitness conference and trade show around the world for the last 25 years delivering presentations on exercise physiology, corrective exercise, heart rate training, periodization and sport conditioning. As one of the key players in the launch of the Spinning program with Johnny G in 1995, Mike continues to influence the industry through his role as Development Manager for North and South America with LifeFitness/ICG.  

Topics Discussed in This Episode
-The role of Development Manager with Life Fitness/ICG
-Mike’s Career Trajectory

-The Indoor Cycling Phenomenon
-Spinning, Johnny G, & ICG
-Power or Rhythm riding?
-The most experienced active indoor cycling instructor on the planet: Mike Michels
-What leaders look for

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