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How has your social media strategy evolved over the last few years? Are you still creating the same type of content and posting it across every platform? Has your audience changed and have you evolved with them? These are all questions you should ask yourself on a regular basis if you are creating social media content to grow your social media presence. Not only has each social media platform evolved in terms of which type of content performs more efficiently, but each platform differs in their demographics. In this episode of the KIPS Podcast, host Tyler Valencia, PhD(c) discusses social media strategy for 2023 and how you can hopefully be more efficient with the time you have to develop content.

One of the key items discussed in this episode is to find out where your audience digests social media content. Starting with this can help you decide which type of content to create and which resources you need to search to engage your audience more efficiently. For example, Facebook and Instagram place high emphasis on Reels which can be cross-posted on each platform. Being able to post on two major platforms can be of great benefit, but using a Reel for Twitter or LinkedIn may not net any results. The audience and type of content used on these platforms differs and may be a waste of your time.

Listen in for some insight into 2023 social media strategy and share any insights you’ve already uncovered.

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